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Is he/she lying or telling the truth? The question in and of itself is troubling. Finding out if someone is being truthful can be challenging. Absence a lie detector test, how can you be 100% sure?

One way is through body language. It is very telling. It reveals more than words sometimes.

Pay attention. Take a look at these signs. Maybe, they will help you discern the truth from lies. Here you go. 1. Pick up on their posture. 2. Look them in the eye. 3. Notice the rate of their movements. 4. Pay attention to their story. 5. Lean in, particularly, if they are leaning away. 6. Take stock of their response. 7. Pay attention to how they shake their head. 8. Pick up on any difference in their behavior. 9. Trust your gut.

Finally, lies have serious consequences. It is said, “A lie will travel around the world before the truth gets started.” So don’t make excuses for their behavior.

Do not be afraid to admit what you see. Seeing is believing whether it's a lie or the truth. Photo and source:


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