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By Vernalee

What's in your backpack - emotionally? If it's anything like mine's, you're probably carrying around a lot. No wonder my shoulder aches from the weight! Sometimes, we don't realize how much is in that sack because it's so neatly packed. But my, oh my, try emptying it. You may be carrying your stuff and that of others. Ouch! Anxiety, worry, frustrations … are contained inside. Don't fret. Your bag also contains joy, happiness, accomplishments … too. We just have to stay on guard and emotionally work hard to make sure that we regularly clean out and unpack our backpack by removing and letting go of stuff that should be released. If we don't, that cute little backpack becomes too heavy to carry. Balance is so critical to our emotional health and viability. We have all been there with those heavy weighted burdens. Having them may be a way of life, removing them is our responsibility, even if the task is hard!. Sometimes, stuff and people have to go! Their removal may be extremely hard (no one said that it was easy), but the load will be lighter!

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