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By Vernalee

Appearance is not always what it seems!

Remember that shiny, delicious, mouthwatering, enticing apple! Yum! It is so appetizing that it invites you to take a bite! The sweetness is on the tip of your tongue! Crunch! After you take a bite, you soon realize that it does not taste as good as it looks! Sometimes, the outside and the inside are totally different!

Apples and people; what's the difference! Alright, one is inanimate and the other, not! The apple doesn't react when you put it aside. Bite no more! People, well that's another thing! We can however find a ”bad apple” in people! And when we do ...walking away may not be as easy as the footsteps. If you find that a person who you thought was one way was incredulously toxic, cut your losses. Find the internal strength to walk away. Then, run!

Find comfort in the aged old saying, “Every thing that’s good to you may not be good for you!”

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