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By Vernalee

This prophetic African proverb, "When an old man (or old woman) dies a library burns," helps you to appreciate how much history, knowledge, and wisdom our parents, grandparents... carried in their minds and souls. It makes you value the time that you had to spend with them. Oh my, what a blessing!

It is a treasured resource as to how much you benefited from their wisdom. Truly, they were reservoirs of information filled with family history; mostly unwritten. You were enriched from the nectar of their lips when they kissed you and from the sweetness of the time you spent together. They taught so many valuable lessons. While some of the information that departed from their mouths is fresh in our minds, we should take the time to record what they pass down so we can share with generations to come. Sorely missed many are! There have been so many times that I wanted to ask my Mother questions and seek her advice, but her voice is no more. It is for those reasons that we should treasure and respect what we have in our elders as long as we can. So much lived within their walls, and so much faded in the sunset when we lost them. For those who are remaining, while their nostrils pump out warm air, we should squeeze and grab as much of them as often and as long as we can! We'll be glad that we did!

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Apr 09


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