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By Vernalee

Opportunities come and go. Contrary to popular opinion, they do come around more than once. It should be our goal to take advantage of all of them, rather than waiting on another one to appear. When we cannot cash in on an opportunity, particularly a desirable one, frustrations and disappointments can easily fill our space. Sometimes the lack of accomplishing an opportunity can dampen our spirits. As tough as it may be – stay determined and keep going. Look forward, not backwards! There is no time to be in the “dumps.” Don’t be sad, be prepared so that when the next door swings opens, you will be ready to maximize the opportunities as you capably walk through the door that's open.

Truly as the saying goes - though you have lost an opportunity to do one thing, an opportunity to do something else has appeared! Photo credit:

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01 jul 2021

Thank you for the statement

Me gusta
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