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By Vernalee

For sure, there is nothing that our God cannot do! We just have to put our faith and trust in him; let him guide us! For certain, I know that I cannot do it alone. I need God to guide me, to walk with me, to comfort me. Once we put our trust in God, he will fight our battles and show us the way. Right now, I feel like shouting, "Thank you Lord. Thank you for your mercy, love, and grace. Thank you Lord for wiping my tears away, for showing me that hard times don't last forever, for bringing me joy, and for showing me how to put my trust in you. Thank you Lord for a wonderful daughter and son who I love, who love me, and are 100% devoted to me as I am to them. Thank you Lord for your blessings ...Thank you Lord for everything!

Happy Sunday and Blessings!

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Mar 27, 2022


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