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By Vernalee

“When people are set in their ways,” you can try, but it’s an extremely difficult, if not an impossible task to get them to break their habits or change their course of action. As you push, they pull. Their stubbornness can easily challenge progressive outcomes, proposed innovations, and trample positive energies.

While your suggestions may be fresh and great, if their mindset is rusty, nothing happens. Truly, everything stays the same.

It takes ingenuity and persistence to help them vacate their traditional way of doing things, as archaic as they may be.

Quick thinking, adaptability, patience, and understanding are needed ingredients to help them see a new way, and the added benefits of doing things differently.

Without question, new ideas and methods necessitate change, but guess what? Once it’s done, it’s not new anymore! Often times, getting them to take that next step is more difficult than the change itself. Afterwards, it is hopeful that they see the benefits of the changes; hopeful that they come around!

Enticements are great inducements in that process!

Finally, you cannot force or make people change their established patterns of opinion and behavior which have become their comfort zone. You can however show the benefits of change with a cautious optimism that they may vacate their old habits and embrace a new approach and modus operandi. Of course, integrating new “tricks“ into the mix are not out of the question.

If all else fails, try Kibbles’N Bits! Or throw the old “dog” a bone! You might be surprised … what wags the tail! Photo credit:


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