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By Vernalee

Conducting an experiment, a well-known advertising agency placed an online ad for a Director of Operations. Although it received over 2.7 million hits, only 24 applications were received.

The job description, though brief, read in part: Have to stand all day; work at least 135 hours a week; little or no sitting; requires considerable mobility; ability to lift at least 75 pounds; ability to proficiently multitask; receives no vacation or days off; receives no compensation or bonus pay.” Several applicants unanimously said, “This is ludicrous!”

They laughed and asked, “Who would do a job like that? Is this legal?”

These tasks and more are performed by Mothers everyday – rain or shine!

Notwithstanding the referenced functions, add in a 40 hour plus work week to the existing responsibilities.

Being a chef, a chauffeur, a seamstress, a ”doctor,” a housekeeper, and so much more – come with this sacred maternal territory.

Growing up, I always thought that my late Mother was a magician. She could pop up anywhere, anytime - out of no where! She always knew where I was (without me telling her); what I was doing (even when I was up to no good); what I was thinking (she could read my mind); when I was lying or telling the truth (before I uttered a word) ... and my every move (physically, mentally, and emotionally)! I never figured it out, but I recognized that it was hard if not impossible to fool that woman! When I was a little girl, her lips were medicinal as she could kiss the pain away. When I became an adult, her advice was golden. There was nothing that she had not experienced or knew about. Nothing beats a Mother’s wisdom!

Yes, it is true. I became wiser as I aged. I didn’t know this during my adolescent years, but I finally realized that a Mother's job is never done.

As Mothers, we work 24/7; around the clock everyday of the week; every month of the year. When we are not tending to our families, we are “on call,” or thinking about them!

In fact, interestingly enough, the duties of motherhood never leave. They stay even when our children leave our nest. Our motherly love, concern, worry, joy, and all of our emotions travel with them, but shift as our children move from our laps to our hearts! Our minds remain focused on our children as we are always concerned about their wellbeing.

Being a Mother is a huge responsibility. As Mothers, we get tired; worn out; and have sleepless nights. However through it all, the privilege of motherhood is an honor that brings incredible love, happiness, and joy.

Who could ask for anything more! Photo reprint:;

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Oct 25, 2019

That cord remains attached no matter how many times you try to cut it loose! As your children become adults you find your relationship takes on another but different role! You become their best friend and find they come to you for your knowledge, insight and spiritual

guidance. You are growing into the matriarchal mother of the family. The mother, grandmother, rock and best friend to them all... Retirement is out of the question!!!!

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