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By Vernalee

Art comes in many shapes and sizes.

$ 1.65 billion dollars are spent on this particular art form every year.

A huge industry, I'll say!

45 million American claim at least one!

The younger the age, the more plentiful!

The guessing game is over!

The art to which I refer is tattoos.

No longer regarded as strange, tattoos can be found anywhere on the body these days.

Alright, I must candidly confess that I don't have a tattoo, but just about everyone I know does!

Approximately 40% of adults ages, 18 - 40 have at least one tattoo. Check this out! 21% of all Americans (all ages) have at least one tattoo. 30% of all U.S. college graduates have at least one tattoo. Are you surprised? That's not even counting the multiple tattoos. Despite the fact that folks claim that the process is painful, they run to the parlors and get them in various colors, styles, shapes, and designs. So, I guess when it comes to tattoos, I am in the old fashioned minority despite the fact that I am a lover of art! To each his own. I just prefer to view beautiful art on my walls and shelves, and not on my body.

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2 commentaires

20 juin 2020



20 juin 2020

Mother time is the artist who continues to create her work on my body on a regular basis! 😍

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