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By Vernalee

“A still tongue makes a wise head” refers to a person who only speak when it has been determined that it is appropriate to do so. They are not chatter boxes and are wise enough to not just say whatever comes to mind. Being a good listener helps you to exercise control and discernment which will ultimately reflect good judgement.

My Mother provided me with wise counseling decades ago. “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

Of course, it took me years to fully apply that wisdom. Admittedly, sometimes, we learn the hard way because we just want to do things our way! A still tongue also serves to protect and guard us against unnecessary conflict. Allow me to “Vernalize” this for you.

Simply put - Mind your business. Stay in your own lane. Guard your thoughts; guard your tongue. Be selective about what words come out of your mouth. Proverbs 17:28 provides wise advice: “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.” It will behoove us to do just that!

Shhh! Did I hear, “The cat‘s got your tongue.” For some -– that’s a good thing! Silence can be golden! Photo credit:

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Apr 05, 2023


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