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By Vernalee

Are you a man or woman of your word? Do you do what you say? Is your word your bond? Does a handshake deal mean anything anymore?

Listen Up!

When you tell folks that you will do something, you create an expectation. In some cases, that expectation forms a reliance. So when you don’t execute on what you committed to do, not only were you untruthful, you disappointed and failed people who relied upon your word/commitment. Untruthfulness damages when your actions don’t coincide with your words! Once again, that small tongue caused big harm! It created an expectation that was not executed. It became a deep rooted and lingering by product that entered the memory banks of a person mind and buried its pain in their hearts. Lies have the ability to stick to a person’s heart like glue. It’s no wonder that when your words become lies that people become heartbroken! The answer to it all is really quite simple. Do what you said! Be a man/woman of your word! Photo credit:

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Mar 24, 2023


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