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By Vernalee

Are you addicted to your cell phone? Before you answer this question, let me share how I and so many others use our cell phones. 1. First and foremost – To talk. It is right at my fingertips to be spontaneously used. 2. To store numbers. I don’t know anyone’s numbers anymore. They are all stored in my phone. Why use my memory when I don’t have to? I know that there is a danger in that theory, but it works for now. 3. To canvass Social Media sites. I invite you to continue to follow my daily blog, Here I go again with my marketing! 4. To send text messages and emails. I am up on all the abbreviated shortcuts. R U ? 5. To play games. This is a shout out to all my candy crush fans. 6. To provide directions. Nothing beats a guiding handheld GPS when you are direction-ally challenged as I. 7. To serve as my personal secretary by maintaining / reminding me of my appointments. For those entrepreneurs who have no personal administrative assistant, this is a great fringe benefit. 8. To take photos and shoot videos. Does anyone still use traditional cameras? We can even scan and upload documents. 9. To tell time. I wear watches for fashion purposes only. My cell phone is my watch and clock. I love my cellular alarm ringtone to wake me up. 10. To listen to music and download my favorite iTunes and apps; to watch HBO Go. You get the point. 11. To browse the Internet. On-line shopping is my favorite thing. Why waste time at the store when I shop and have any and all items (including my groceries) delivered to my door?Afterwards, I can go on line and pay bills. 12. To read my favorite magazines. Black Enterprise was just downloaded. How convenient! 13. To check the stock market. Check the Nasdaq; feel important even if you do not own stock! Why not? 14. To serve as my personal baby sitter when I am waiting on someone who is late and don’t want others to stare me in my face. 15. To use my Face Time app to talk to my love ones. I have asked them to give me a 3 minute warning so that they don’t catch me looking my worst. Oh well! 16. To check the weather. I daily check the temperatures in Cleveland, Ohio, but also in my hometown in Mississippi. Then, I get a shock wave when it is snow on the ground here and the Mississippi temp is in the 70’s. My list goes on and on …. so I guess that I am addicted! Think about it! The cell phone is so versatile that although it was meant to be at our ear and mouth to hear/ talk; many of us use it more to transmit messages non-verbally. We can hide behind our small cellular devices and avoid verbal communications by sending written messages via text and emails. Why hear their voices when you don’t want to be bothered?

Now then, I have admitted my addiction. What about you? Photo credit and source:;


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Apr 06, 2020

Yes, we are addicted to those tiny devices, but they have made our lives easier in many respects. Thanks for sharing.


Apr 06, 2020

Yes & it is sad. Pray for me

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