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Do you see what’s really there?

Or ... Do you see what you want to be there?

Is it real or is it your imagination? Before you answer, please know that our eyes see (from our viewpoint) and interpret accordingly.

Hence, similarly, it’s no different than how we see and interpret people!

Their presence can be severely overly exaggerated.

Sometimes, we see many things in them that we wish they had that they don’t possess.

To the contrary, we also see things that are there that we don’t acknowledge.

Like a brain game, it’s tantamount to seeing a crooked line and regarding it as straight or overlooking a true photographic view when our imagination and perceptions cover the revelations of realism.

It’s called - seeing what’s in our minds, not what our camera flicking eyes project.


Admit it!

Have you ever been mesmerized by someone’s spell bounding effects?


As a result, we can easily overlook their glaring defects even though there’s a true picture right before our very eyes.

We even do cover ups and pretend that we didn’t see what we really saw.


This is too much!

No worries!

Eventually, our pupils will adjust to the prisms of reality that will adjust the trickery of our eyes.

It is then that we will have 20/20 vision. Sometimes the accurate view will make us become truly appreciative that we finally got the picture!

We finally saw the real person.

And when we did ...

It was like walking out of the dark into the light! Photo credit:

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22 avr. 2023


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