• Vernalee


By Vernalee

God places all types of people in our path. Do know this. We can learn from all of them - regardless of their position, socio-economic status, age, race …

Many of my most valuable and memorable lessons in life came from those old women in Mississippi sitting on their porches as they gave many, many words of wisdom. Theirs eyes had seen much; their ears had heard it all! Some couldn't read or write, but their wisdom put a rainbow in my cloud of life. They cared about me. They wanted my outcomes in life to be better than theirs. I didn't completely understand then, but there are so many days that I whisper honor to them … and my Mother - now. One of the best things that we can do … is make someone else's life better. Those old ladies made my life better. I definitely want to return the favor. I want to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud!

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