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By Vernalee I awoke this morning listening to my favorite singer, the late great Aretha Franklin. Nobody can touch my soul in voice better than the Queen. As I listened to the best selling song ever for Columbia Records originally recorded by Simon & Garfunkel in 1969, my heart was excitedly jumping and my soul was emotionally filled with Aretha’s rendition. You see, she and I were on first name basis for years though we have never physically met or exchanged pleasantries. Her extraordinary voice and talented fingers gliding across those ebony and ivory keys have always been relaxing and soothing for me. Sometimes we have to be lifted up. Sometimes in addition to prayer, we have to hear the voice of others; melodies that will transport us! Songs have always been life’s rhythm put to words accompanied by music. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” though not a gospel song in the true sense was written to provide comfort. That it has done for me today! It is my heartfelt desire to be a bridge to those who need me; those that I can help. That is how God intended it; that is what I want to do!

Happy Sunday!


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Jul 02, 2023


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