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Being a prolific storyteller, allow me to tell you the story about the snake and his new found friend. You probably have heard it in some form or fashion. A man picked up an injured snake that was lying across the road. The man bandaged and nursed the snake back to good health. They lived harmoniously together for a spell. Then, one day out of the blue, the snake bit the man. Devastated, the man emotionally said, “I picked you up, nursed you back to health, fed and clothed you, and you bit me. Is this the thanks that I get?” The snake politely answered and said, “You knew that I was a snake when you picked me up!” Yes, that’s right; the snake talked; his actions spoke loud and clear for him! Wake up people! Stop thinking that you can change people. They can only change themselves. Don’t assume that one good turn deserves another! Just because you treat people right, it doesn’t mean that they will reciprocate. Some folks will turn on you, no matter what you do or have done for them! Things are not always what they seem. Be wise; watch your back. Need I add, watch your front and sides too! Beware of the snakes. They are everywhere… Metaphorically, they walk; they talk; they even sit … often times next to you. Occasionally, they are hard to detect. Disguises are one of their major forms of deception.

They pretend to be on your side, however they may dislike the very ground that you walk upon. Remember, it was the serpent that deceived Eve and filled her head with a lot of garbage that led to her and Adam’s demise. In addition to their convincing deception, they can be poisonous. Stay on the lookout!

Keep your guards up!

Stop imagining and pretending. You definitely don’t want to he bitten by a so called snake of a friend! It would be devastating. Photo credit:


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