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By Vernalee

Yesterday, I was in a checkout line at the store; social distancing of course.

I couldn’t help but notice the customer in front of me who had a big three ring black binder and a shopping cart full of items. After seeing about 10 containers of Tide detergent in her cart, I asked if the detergent was on sale. "Yes," she energetically replied. As we engaged in a friendly conversation, she showed me her fascinating coupon system. Her binder was full of organized coupons in every conceivable product category. I took this to be a lot of work! Then, I was converted when I saw the end results. She had about $100.00 worth of items for which she paid only $12.00 ... after her coupon discounts. Incredible! Proudly, she said, “I use coupons for all my purchases. Everything! The savings are tremendous!" I’ll say, they are! As we exited the store, she rolled her cart to a gorgeous luxury vehicle. "My coupon savings bought me this," she yelled! "Great... you go girl," I shouted back! Hmmm. Raking in additional savings is not a bad idea. Maybe, I should start clipping those discounted coupons myself. It may be classified as an unconventional savings method, but it's a proven system that works. The dividends add up! Every little bit helps! Cha Ching!

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