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By Vernalee

I know that you initially thought that I was referring to being elegantly attired in a two or three piece business suit. However in this case, I am speaking of the defense garbs, your protective outerwear. If you work in an environment where emotional punches are thrown all day from the time you walk in until the minute you exit, you must condition your mind to withstand the blows and rope -a -dope hits.

You may encounter a cadre of bosses ranging from those who have Mt. Everest height egos to those who know everything. On the sidelines are those colleagues who may be discriminatory, mean spirited or arrogant. Walking alongside this group may be the bullies who run the “A to Z” gamut of creating fear, anxieties, pressures, and pain as they orchestrate their mastery of acting superior. I'm sure that you have seen all of these types described herein ... and more; right?

What happened to the good co-workers? They are there intermixed with the others. Thank goodness for that! Sometimes, their goodness is over-shadowed by the pettiness that rampantly occurs.

Some work sites are filled with tainted air whose fragrances stench of conceited aromas! Where is the air fresheners? No wonder some of the more talented ones vacate at the first opportunity. Lucky them! Others may have to endure for mere survival, but who knows what the future holds!

I can't answer why some executives allow this uncivilized culture to exist. I can't comprehend the superiority filled attitudes that permeate throughout the air. I praise those bosses who foster environments of wholesomeness, equality, and fair play. They have realized that the jobs can be accomplished without intimidation. A great environment facilitates higher productivity.

Hopefully, you will not have to walk in "suited up" like Laila Ali! I trust that your mind will become your internal protective suit of armor.

Out thinking your opponent is the goal. You can use your brilliant cognitive skills and wisdom to conquer adversity. It's - power to power - and the best equalizer in a hostile work environment.

Photo credit:; Pictured: Laila Ali


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Jun 09, 2020

The things that we have to go through! The saving grace is -Good always conquers bad!


Jun 09, 2020

Thumbs up!

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