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Are you a doer or a talker? Before you answer, I have evidence. Your actions, or lack thereof, will speak for you! Hush! Observing and commenting on what needs to be done makes complaining easy. I know many commentators. Don’t you? Doing what needs to be done is harder. I am so tired of the “I was gonna do” folks and the consistent, “Do you need anything” chorus. Those questions usually comes from the great pretenders … pretending that they care while their actions demonstrate otherwise. They suspect that you will not ask them to do anything, so they assume that they are off the hook since they make faked insincere overtures ... that can be seen a mile away! Who do they think they are fooling? Can I get an Amen if you know one or two of these faked folks?

I say, “Just do what has to be done!” Your actions, (not asking the questions), show that you care. Symbolic of the traffic lights, the green light mobilizes movement; it provides solutions! I love "green light" people who do, and not just talk about what they are going to do. Actions speak louder than words … everyday of the week! Besides, the energy that is used to complain could be better utilized to solve the problems. Let's not forget the "yellow" light/cautionary people who can't determine what they will do. They require too much energy and effort to figure out. If you care not to provide solutions, do the next best thing: Keep your mouth closed! If you are a red light person (a constant complainer who does nothing to help), you don’t have to tell anyone! It will show! Trust me! Photo credit:

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