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When people wear behavioral disguises; it is difficult to recognize them or determine what’s real and what’s fake. Once the masquerade is over and the mask comes off, the illumination of the real person shines with glaring brilliance. You then see who they really are! They are those people who “talk out of both sides of their mouth.” How pretentious of them! Deception is their middle name. They walk in and out of our lives effortlessly, often times because we can’t discern their ever changing and spontaneous behavior. Man, are they smooth operators!

They are the great pretenders. They can definitely rise to the occasion. Their chameleon effects often leave you speechless. Their theatrics could fool the best. They are just that good; exceptionally convincing! They get better with age. But as the days go by, so does the revelation of who they are! It never fails; time always tells! Eventually, their true behavioral traits rip through the seams. When those embryonic stems become adult roots, the accompanying conduct follows; it becomes very telling! Wow! The person that you thought was a sheep is really a wolf! That pearly white sheep skin is really the character of the big bad wolf! Though the discovery of the wolf in sheep’s clothing may be an excruciating experience, don’t be dismayed! Instead be thankful that you found out in time before you were torn to smithereens! Baa, baa, black sheep! Photo reprint:

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Jan 18, 2023


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