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By Vernalee

By Vernalee

In the 1970’s, The Hues Corporation had a hit record that was climbing the charts called “Don’t Rock the Boat.” Though the lyrics spoke about love, it was a jazzy upbeat dance song. Underneath its meaning, the suggestive overtone was to assess a situation before you address, act, or talk. As the idiom (“Don’t Rock the Boat”) suggests – people get upset when we try to change a situation, particularly when it is one that they want to remain the same. When we start rocking the boat, we fuel changes and Ignite emotions. Our sudden and gradual movements can definitely tilt the boat. Being capsized is surely not the goal particularly if you can’t swim! Then the question becomes - Why were you in the boat in the first place? When and if you took a stand and rocked the boat with a change that was not welcomed, you must be prepared to deal with the consequences - be they good or bad! Photo credit:


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