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By Vernalee

A smile is medicinal. It brightens your day and is an outer expression that shows the world that you are happy! Smiles also have tremendous therapeutic effects; for you and from others. It is amazing how someone else’s pleasures can bring joy into another person’s life. A 100 kilowatt smile can illuminate your space. Its brilliance is healing as it lightens up your spirit. Why feel sad all the time if you don’t have to? There is always something to smile about. Often, you don’t have to look far. Smiles are contagiously infectious. Sometimes, we smile back at someone who smiled at us, whether we know them or not. Imagine that! Smiles signify joy and satisfaction which is better than the inverse. I love wearing smiles and seeing people smile. Don’t you? After all, a smile is just a frown turned upside down. Which is better? The smile is of course! Put on your happy face now! Smile! Don't worry; be happy ... even if it is just for a little while ... but hopefully for a longer stretch of time!

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Aug 11, 2023


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