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By Vernalee

As we do a countdown to Father’s Day, my mind reflected to a memory sketched in my heart. I can remember my daughter's Father Daughter Dance from decades ago as if it was yesterday. I'm not sure who was the most excited - she or her Dad! Preparing for the Dance was like getting her prepared for prom, years ahead of time. She had to have a long gown ( purple and gold, in fact), socks with lace around the edges, patented leather black shoes, and a shiny gold necklace and earrings. Her long black hair was glammed up with curls. The look was sheer elegance! She definitely looked like a little princess! This seven year old little girl‘s appearance was matched in appearance as her tall Daddy wore a tailored made stunning black suit. His handsome look was exquisitely debonair. The two of them were a sight to see! They practiced their dance over and over beforehand to get ready for the big night. Her little feet were parked on top of his size 10 shoes as they danced the night away!

The night was fun. It was full of memories that my daughter will cherish and never forget. She was her Dad's heart. He was hers! Their love for each other was radiant with every step that they took. It was more than a dance, it was an exemplification of love as Fathers at the dance showed their little girls how a man should treat them - with love, dignity, and respect.

It‘s now a memory that will never grow old!


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