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By Vernalee

Has this ever happened to you? Have you for unforeseen reasons been attacked? The blows though unmerited came out of no where! When and if that happens, what do you do? Do you avoid the fight and controversy or do you prepare to face a potential attack from the enemy. Certainly, a fight is not the optimal choice. Avoidance is best. Some things are not worth the time or effort. Walking away may be the perfect course. However if a battle cannot be avoided, “fight strategically.“ The first strategic move is to size up and outsmart your opponent. When you walk on the front line, your survival will always depend upon your quick thinking, smartness, preparation, and strategic tactics superseding those of your opponent. Battles are draining; particularly mentally. Please know that these references do not refer to physical fights. My Daddy told me as a teenager, “Smart girls don’t fight!” What invaluable advice! Thus the lesson here is this.

You are much too smart to engage in physical violence of any type. Out thinking your opponent (I.e. a mental beat down) always beats physical force. Be smart; stay prepared! Be a winner with your mind not your fist. That is how you fight fire with fire! Photo Credit:

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1 Comment

Ginger Cunningham
Ginger Cunningham
Apr 03, 2020

Interesting, my father taught me to box! I was the oldest and he wanted me to know how to defend myself and protect my younger brothers. Both of our lessons taught by our fathers showed us they both wanted to arm us to be prepared for what we will be facing down the road.

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