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By Vernalee

Following her southern spiritual roots, my Mother always told us, “Trust in the Lord with all your Heart. Put it in his hands. Leave it there. Stop worrying. When trouble comes your way, Jesus will fix it."

Those simple words are all so true. There are so many sources of worry; so many enemies. We should pray, worry not, and put all of our troubles in God’s hands. Placing our faith in God and anchoring our souls in the cushions of his Word will give us the strength of endurance. Neither God nor His Word will ever fail. Now then, exactly, what does "placing your enemies at your footstool" mean? The idea of your enemy being your footstool was derived from historical war illustrations. “Whenever an enemy was conquered, he would become the slave of the conqueror and would bow down and allow the conqueror to place his feet on his back as a sign of submission. By placing your enemies as your footstool, God is saying that He will give you the victory over your enemies.” There are 22 related scriptures regarding God making your enemies your footstool. Psalms 110:1 states: The LORD says: “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.” Throw your burdens and worries on the Lord. Go and let God! Have faith. He will see you through! He will order your steps! Walk in the spirit of the Lord!

Oh Yes, He will fix it! Blessings! Photo credit:


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