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By Vernalee

Father's Day is a special calendar day dedicated to the love, respect, and honor of our Fathers. What a blessings to those whose Fathers are alive … as this day can also be a day of sadness for those whose Fathers have gone home to be with the Lord! As I lost my Daddy in my early twenties, I understand the emptiness that this day brings, but I am immensely grateful for his many teachings. His wisdom and my memories of him are very much alive. I cannot begin to tell you how many times, his words have directed me. So although my Daddy no longer walks this earth, the valuable lessons that he taught me guide me still. There have been days that his arms have emotionally carried me and encouraged me to courageously take that next step. He may be absent in the flesh, but he is forever present in my heart. Yes, he most definitely is my rock and I lean on what he taught me!

Love, honor, respect, and bless your Daddies today and all days. Shower him with love while the blood runs warm in his body! Remember this - Good old Dad is watching your every move with a stern eye of protection - whether he is physically sitting across from you or spiritually gazing you from the Heavens. Happy Sunday! Blessings!

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