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By Vernalee

It's official! My name is not on the list this year! Another year has come and gone and although the list has increased to a record number of 2,095, there is no mention of me; not even an honorable one! So as long as my name doesn't show up on the Forbes' Billionaire List, I have to continue to push my proverbial "Lickety Stick" and work on one of my consulting/writing/entrepreneurial gigs. Cautiously optimistic and being the dreamer that I am, hopefully, my pen will elevate me to produce a NY Times best seller. A couple of top selling books in tandem with a screenwriter's stroke of genius with Twentieth Century Fox endorsements might do the trick! Wouldn't that be grand? Landing there will not exactly place me on the billionaire row, but a respectable elevation it would be! I'll appreciatively take it! Until then, it's back to the grim in the land of work! So with Jeff Bezos of Amazon leading the list once again this year, thanks to my and your many Amazon purchases conveniently arriving at our door, I'll see you at the J.O.B. tomorrow! All said and done, even without the billions, I am truly blessed and thankful for all that The Lord has given and provided!

For the inquiring minds who want to know, here is the Forbes List -

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13 lis 2021


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