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By Vernalee

Follow your instincts and your nose! They usually don't lie. When you have a feeling that something is not quite right or awry, you are probably right!

Oh my, I smell a rat; don't you? Need I say more? Rats are sneaky creatures that cause havoc, destroy property, and run away quickly making their capture difficult. They invade your space and for sure, you didn’t invite them! They usually don't go away on their own; you have to annihilate them.

Excuse me, who said that all rats are those little creepy animals? I beg to differ. In fact, you and I know that’s not the case. People can act like rats. The behavior can be very similar. Yes, that’s right. They can creep upon you and seek to destroy you by doing more than eating your food. In fact, the food theft may be the least of your worries. People like rats love traveling in groups in your personal and professional space. Watch out! Ok, you must put out the traps! Remember, If you don't destroy or trap them (or get away from them), they will destroy you! They are so sneaky and move so fast that they may even try to get you fired/take your contracts...and then take your place! Wowser!

If you walk into your office and see them sitting at your desk, don’t be surprised. Scandalous they are ... which is the main reason that you have to get them before they get you! Do keep handy your RAID!

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