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By Vernalee

Written by Lionel Richie, "Jesus is Love" has powerful lyrics. A song of my generation, it shows that God uses various methods to deliver his message. You can receive a heart felt message from a number of sources; music being one. In the 1970’s, this song found its way into my spirit. It moves me now just as much as it did then. A few years ago, it was played at an ominous time that I will never forget … which is why when I hear the song now, the memory of that moment becomes penetrating. Thus, “Jesus is Love” has historical and spiritual significance/meaning.

My late Mother spoke to us often about Jesus. She insistently said, "You gotta get to know him for yourself. I can't pray you into Heaven." Momma called him "A Way Maker, A Heart Regulator, A Burden Bearer, and A Heavy Load Sharer."

This Sunday morning, I call his mighty name. In complete gratitude, I say, “Thank you Jesus!” Like the songwriter, I know that I cannot make it alone, so I ask you to “walk with me, talk with me, and teach me to do all the things that you want me to do; don’t let me fall by the side of the road, and I will follow your star wherever it leads me!”

Hallelujah! Happy Sunday! Blessings!


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