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By Vernalee

Written by Lionel Richie, "Jesus is Love" has powerful lyrics. A song of my generation, it shows that God uses various methods to deliver his message. You can receive a heart felt message from a number of sources; music being one. In the 1970’s, this song found its way into my spirit. It moves me now just as much as it did then. A few years ago, it was played at an ominous time that I will never forget ... which is why when I hear the song now, the memory of that moment becomes penetrating. Thus, “Jesus is Love” has historical and spiritual significance/meaning.

Allow me to share the words with you.

"Father, help your children, And don't let them fall by the side of the road. And teach them to love one another, And heaven might find a place in their hearts; 'Cause Jesus is love. He won't let you down, And I know He's mine forever, Ah, in my heart. We've got to walk on, walk on through temptation, 'Cause His Love and His wisdom will be our helping hand. And I know the truth and your word will be our salvation. Lift up our heart to be thankful and glad 'Cause Jesus is love. He won't let you down, And I know He's mine deep down in my soul. Jesus is love. I want to follow your star wherever it leads me, And I don't mind Lord, I hope you don't mind. I want to walk with you, and talk with you, And do all the things you want me to do,"

The lyrics are very moving, inspiring, and uplifting; right?

This is a song that will make you want to shout!

My late Mother spoke to us often about Jesus. She insistently said, "You gotta get to know him for yourself. I can't pray you into Heaven." Momma called him "A Way Maker, A Heart Regulator, A Burden Bearer, and A Heavy Load Sharer." Frequently sung in our home church was another song about Jesus; an old fashioned gospel that went like this - “I thank you Jesus. I thank you Lord! You brought me such a mighty long way!”

Oh yes, "There is something about the name of Jesus!"

This Sunday morning, I call his mighty name. In complete gratitude, I say, “Thank you Jesus!” My list is too long to recite all of the wonderful things that you have done for my children, family, loved ones, and me, but I thank you for being with me, guiding me, lifting me, and holding my hand. I thank you for everything!

Like the songwriter, I know that I cannot make it alone, so I ask you to “walk with me, talk with me, and teach me to do all the things that you want me to do; don’t let me fall by the side of the road, and I will follow your star wherever it leads me!”


Happy Sunday!




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