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By Vernalee

Yes, it’s true. We live in an age where everything and everyone are given a title at work and at play. These titles determine authority, organizational rank, status, pay levels, and prestige. In many cases, it may determine if you have a contributing “voice.” Considerable weight is assigned to what we are called. To some people, the title is regarded more important or equally as important as their salary. Interesting; right? I’m often intrigued at business cards with no job title listed! Do they signify that titles are not important? Probably. There is also a new wave of generic business cards that are nameless and title-less. The emphasis is placed on the business with communications flowing to a catch-all email address. Let’s call this approach - “Different strokes for different folks.” Whatever works; agreed? Alright, now it’s true confession time. How important is a title to you? That‘s a question for you to individually answer. Be honest! If you are at a stage in your life, where you are driven by meaning or passion, other significant factors may determine your response. Here we go ....... If what you do is more important than what you are called - you have crossed the boundary lines where titles have become obsolete nomenclature in your mind and your space. You are now driven by purpose. Besides, your title only announces what you do, it does not determine who you are! Photo credit: ongig
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Dec 27, 2023


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