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By Vernalee

Jumping to conclusions means "to guess the facts about a situation without having enough information." We all are guilty of having done so from time to time. I know I have, It's time to stop rushing to judgment prematurely.

Here are 5 Ways to Stop Yourself From Jumping to Conclusions:

1. Think about times when you jumped to the wrong conclusions.

2. Test your ability to see the whole picture.

3. See how easily you are fooled by illusions.

4. Ask yourself if you are too quick to form an impression of a person.

5. See how other people jump to conclusions sometimes humorously but inaccurately.

Take your time to weigh the facts and analyze a situation or people before forming a conclusion or developing a mindset without sufficient evidence. It's better - all the way around … especially when your preconceived notion is completely wrong!

Photo Credit: pininterest; Reference: Psychology Today

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Nov 30, 2023


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