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By Vernalee

I love game shows! My favorites are Wheel of Fortune, Family Fuel, and Jeopardy. Today, we have a game winning surprise,

Jeopardy's host is in the house!

Well Alright!

Ready! Let’s play Jeopardy!

Here we go!

Occupation is the category. Remember your responses must be in the form of a question.

Occupation for $ 200 -

He does no work, gets compensated handsomely, and nastily tells people what he thinks of them.

Answer: Who is Mr. Do Nothing?

Occupation for $400.

He comes in late every day; intimidates the staff when he arrives; is frequently missing in action; is exempted from punishment; takes petty cash out of the cookie jar; starts arguments frequently; and pretends to be busy with no evidence of productive activity.

Answer: Who is Mr. Do Nothing?

Occupation for $600.

He is a pathological liar; has emotionally stabbed people (in the back, of course); has vehemently insulted his coworkers on innumerable occasions; has routinely borrowed money from subordinates and after receipt of the funds threatened their job security.

Answer: Who is Mr. Do Nothing?

Occupation for $800.

He is a troublemaker, name caller, a stool-pigeon; an employee that everyone dislikes but must tolerate because of his closeness to the man in charge (a boss that he negatively talks about behind his back).

Answer: Who is Mr. Do Nothing?

Occupation for $1,000 to finish the category.

He regularly laughs in your face and belittles you; is embarrassingly untrustworthy; takes food that isn't his out of the refrigerator; has repetitively lied, cheated, and stolen; has harassed every single employee; is exceptionally ruthless but asks all to pray for his sins!

Answer: Who is Mr. Do Nothing?

Suddenly, a puzzled host stops the game and says, "Contestants, I am sorry! Something must be wrong with our monitor. No one person can have all of those lowly characteristics. That individual would be a devil in disguise."

Bingo! You are absolutely right! He lives up to the name and he plays the game!

“Ok. Let’s continue. Since you have the Daily Double, what's your wager?“

I bet $2000. Here you go:

He has done so much wrong, gotten away with it, but his day is coming!

Answer: What is his (Mr. Do Nothing) winning streak is over and his reign of terror has finally come to an end? "Right Response.“

Simultaneously, as the Jeopardy’s theme song chimed in the background, the audience thunderously clapped in agreement when the chyron with these words strolled across the screen. Don’t be a Do Nothing. Do the right thing! Good always conquers bad! And the band played on …

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Oct 22, 2021


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