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By Vernalee

Have you ever tried to put a puzzle together and couldn't determine where selected pieces went? I have! There typically is an illustration of how the puzzle should look when perfectly assembled. Despite the colorful picturesque guide, the assembly can be tricky; putting the right puzzle shapes in the right places can be difficult, challenging, frustrating, ... and enjoyable (when the pieces come together as a whole). It can be comparable to placing a square peg in a round hole. In like manner, it is also similar to placing people where they don't belong or fit. You can't change the "shape" of who they are. Allow me to "Vernalize" with a slight modification of a famous Johnnie Cochran quote, "If they don't fit, you must quit".. trying to forcibly place persons where you want them to be, but where they don't fit. Stop the madness! Stop being stressed out over someone else’s choices when they don’t coincide with what you think their course of action should be. You can't make people fit your plan. That’s your master plan, not theirs. You can advise, direct and counsel. The choice to decide their next steps belongs to them. Remember, you’ve the architect of your life - not theirs! The responsibility and outcome of your choices determine your path and destiny ... as does theirs!

The below poem says it best.

Life’s Puzzle

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle So many pieces come with it We gather them as we live each day To see just how they fit

Some people start with the edges Some start with corners too Others go for the middle It’s always up to you

Hold each piece, embrace them To see where it will go Sometimes they fit so easily Then times you never know

Think of these as people Each one’s a different piece Some we meet won’t fit at all Others will fit with ease

We go through life and gather We use and lose some too! Some become good memories Some leave us sad and blue

Some pieces seem to get away They’re like tiny grains of sand We think we have them held real tight But they slip right through our hands

I guess we are all just looking for One, rare and special piece The final one to finish our Life long masterpiece

Our puzzles will be complete When it happens you will know The Puzzle comes together By the pieces you don’t let go!

Photo credit:; poem by George A. Burgagni

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Oct 06, 2023


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