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By Vernalee

Growing up, my Mother insisted that we make up our beds immediately after we got up. It was one of her pet peeves that as a teenager, I was not fond of. Truly! Once up, going back to bed was not encouraged. Sitting on the side of the bed was unthinkable. After all, it was a bed, not a chair. 50 plus years later, I find myself making my bed the moment I get up. Old habits die hard! In fact, I cannot retire to a bed that has not been made. I must make it up first. Some of my girlfriends who were similarly taught can happily roll around in the covers of an unmade bed! As for me, though this routine was beaten into my head, it formed a lasing impact. I have however gotten smarter over the years. With age comes wisdom! Does it not? Nothing beats innovations and creative thinking, even if it is regarded as lightweight cheating. These days, I never pull back the covers because I now sleep on top of them; I cover by body with a blanket. So when I wake up bright and early, I merely fold the blanket, adjust the covers/pillows … And Bingo …my bed is like new; immaculately contoured! Just like I was taught! I just improvised with an adjustment that fits my lifestyle. It works for me! Photo reprint: home

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Sep 15, 2023


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