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By Vernalee

Yes, technology via my cell phone and other gadgets has eliminated facets of my memory. I confess! I came to the realization of this very fact last week. My late Mother in her 90’s could rattle off dates, addresses, and phone numbers from her memory. I cannot any more. Holy cow! How did that happen? Let's see! Without question, my Mother was wise and brilliant! DING! DING! Added to that fact and equally as important, Mother relied on her mind to provide the answers. For recall, I rely on retrieval of numbers, addresses, and other pertinent information that have been stored in my cell phone and other technological apparatuses. Now, unfortunately, whether I call it a senior moment or not, I don't know many phone #’s anymore! Technically, I never pushed my memory’s delete keys, but I became reliant upon my cell phone for the retrievals of those numbers. Which brings me to these questions. Would I be lost without my IPad and cell phone? Do I need to be retrained? The answer is - Yes and Yes! So, it is an accurate statement that I have become spoiled and incessantly reliant upon technology. What about you?

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