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By Vernalee

My project plan is right here by my side. I may not timely accomplish all tasks, but I outline them so that I can know what I'm doing. From the minute I wake, my first order of business is to thank The Lord for another day of life for my children, loved ones, and me. As I travel through the day, I am very task driven. Writing my daily blog, answering emails, attending Team meetings, performing miscellaneous work related tasks, etc., become the order of the day. I do have those lazy days. Some days I don't feel like doing anything; some things I delegate or reassign. There are even some tasks that I like everyone else put on the back burner. Let's not forget procrastination. Of course, Everyone has ideas on how they plan to use my time. You catch my drift; right? It happens. But if you have that roadmap before you, you will accomplish more than without it. We all need to be motivated from time to time. therefore, it is essential that you Plan your work. Work your plan.

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30 mars 2022


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