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By Vernalee

The holidays, particularly Thanksgiving bring so many fond unforgettable memories. Allow me to share. For decades, the kids and I always went home to Mississippi to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with my Mother. This particular year, we were unable to make it home for Thanksgiving. The year was 1992. With a new venture, we were extremely busy. Unbeknownst to me, my Mother called and said, “I made your dinner and Fed Ex it. Y’all will have it tomorrow!” Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe it! When it arrived - Turkey, dressing, sweet potato pie, and pound cake - I felt like I was sitting at my Mother’s dining room table in my favorite chair eating dinner with her. We were in fact eating the same delicious food theoretically … just 1000 miles apart! That memory is one that I will always cherish. I copied my parenting style, (though I am not quite as good as her), after my Mother! An unsung hero, she was truly a diamond in the rough; an outstanding woman and an exceptional Mother. She always taught us to be thankful for our blessings! "Don't ever take people or what you have for granted," was one of her sayings. This Thanksgiving, I give thanks to so many things that God has blessed me with ... and continues to bless me! Thank you Lord! ...And a lasting thanks to my late Momma for teaching me values, gratitude, and so much more!

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