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By Vernalee

Those "knock off" purses look so real that it takes a microscopic and discerning knowledgeable eye to detect the difference. Our eyes can even play tricks on us! Purses, jewelry, and furs are one thing. They can even make counterfeit money! Stop it!

What about the genuineness and realness of people? Yes, people can be fake too! No worries. You may cannot tell right away, but old Father Time and their words/ actions/deeds will eventually tell and show you who they are. Sooner or later, their individual truth will raise its head. You may have thought that a person was one way ... when in fact their personality was royally different. You may have even classified them as genuine/"real", but they were amazingly synthetic! They were clearly impostors who came to light! Oh my!

Where do we draw the line when so much is unclear? We will grow and learn as we go. What we do know for sure is this ... “Ain't nothing like the real thing!" No doubt about it, we want real folks (not phonies) circulating in our midst!

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