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By Vernalee

Cruising down memory lane, the cotton fields indeed left unforgettable memories. During the summer, you laboriously walked from one end of the cotton field to the other in the blazing hot sun chopping down the weeds from the cotton plants. This removal was necessary to allow the crop to produce white snowy cotton for picking. It was the separation process that determined the outcome and purity of the harvest. Our lives are no different. Some of our associations are valuable; some are not. We have to remove the badness from our presence to allow our goodness and quality to blossom. Unlike noticeable weeds, sometimes the badness in people can’t be immediately seen. Invariably, their actions will reveal their naughtiness. Once their ugliness raises its head, if you don’t remove yourself from their midst, you are subjected to continued infestation. The wheat has worth; the chaff is worthless! An alignment with worthiness produces prosperity.

It is by far the better position ... because nothing from nothing leaves nothing! It’s as simple as that! Photo credit:

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