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By Vernalee

To speak your mind is to say what you think about something very directly. Some folks put a colloquial spin to the words with the street vernacular such as “Have your say; let your voice be heard; make it plain, or sound off.” To speak your mind is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes it is easier to say what people want to hear rather than tell them the truth. Particularly this is the case for people who are relatively close to you. It may be hard to rationalize, because the same folks that you may cushion your comments toward don’t care what they say to you. They just blurt it out; whether distasteful or not. Should you do the same? Your rationale for holding back may not add up. What’s even worse is not telling them what you truthfully think! It’s irrational. Since we’re never too old to start over, maybe, we should do what the experts say and apply these rules: 1. Don’t overly worry about how people might react to you speaking your mind. 2. Don’t let aggressive people intimidate you. 3. Remain calm. 4. Be diplomatic and tasteful. 5. Speak clearly and make yourself heard without shouting. 6. Practice speaking your mind around your family and friends. They do with you. 7. Believe in yourself. You can do it! It is so amazing why we hold back the truth. The truth is such a great tool. It may hurt someone’s feelings, however, if we don’t tell people the truth, we are being deceitful. No one wins! When we are not truthful, who is hurting who? The truth is always the best path! Have your say! Speak your mind! Photo credit:

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Apr 29, 2023


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