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By Vernalee

Let’s continue to worship God during these turbulent times. We need the power of The Lord now more than ever.

Now is the time to stay close to GOD. He is a healer and a provider. We should continue to read the Word and hear his Word. Let's continue to pray for God hears and answers prayers.

Pastor TD Jakes provides us counsel about the impending doom that we face with the coronavirus.

Many churches have advanced their technology to offer live stream service. When we are unable to sit in the pews at our home churches, there are broadcasts on television, radio, You Tubes, and links. Today, we have many, many avenues to hear an inspiring spiritual message. We can ”receive” the word in our souls without leaving home. Our worship, regardless of the format, will keep us uplifted.

The old folks in Mississippi would always say during difficult times, "Let's stay prayed up." That we should do!

"Father, I thank you for your protection that is found in our faith in Christ. You are our protector, shielding us from sickness and disease. You are our provider and our peace. Your word says that we don’t have to fear the disease that stalks in the darkness because Your promises are true and timeless. Today, I believe and declare that You are surrounding Your children with health, protection, favor, and wisdom. We believe it and receive it today. In Jesus' name. Amen." Pastor Joel Osteen

Happy Sunday and Blessings!


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