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By Vernalee

This 6 letter word - Stress - is mighty in the effects that it can have on your mind, body, and soul. Stress can impair us in many, many ways. If you have experienced the detriments of stress, wave your hand. With so many hands waving in my viewing audience, I can barely see the page. We all been there! We all have had those stressful days. I admit that I have. Stress can invade our being and penetrate our every fiber. It can be hard to eradicate, but we have to be courageous and try. Otherwise, it can conquer and debilitate us. There is no magic cure. It is said that the best remedy is mind over matter, alongside enduring prayer. Let’s work together to alleviate as much stress as we can. We have to…it’s an absolute must to our health and mental/emotional/physical well-being.

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