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By Vernalee

Centuries ago, Chinese philosopher, Lao-tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Taking that first step may not be easy. Often times, the first step is the most challenging of the entire journey. I know this to be the truth all too well! We cannot always wait on the opportune time to start our journey. Too many years may escape. Stumbling blocks such as procrastination, excuses, doubts, and fears prohibit progress. They can be conquered. We cannot let temporary deterrents become permanent roadblocks! Worst yet, we should not convince ourselves that we can’t do it or talk ourselves out of doing it. Sometimes, we just have to step out on faith! Once we take the first step, even if they are baby steps, the closer we become to accomplishing our goal. If we keep moving, we will eventually cross the finish line. Nothing beats a failure but a try!” By the way, just for the record, this message is my way of talking aloud to motivate myself; my self coaching of trying new things and doing things that I’ve wanted to do for years. It is also my way of being my own cheerleader! If it rubs off on you - terrific! I hope you join me; the journey is always better with company! Photo credit:

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Mar 23, 2023


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