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By Vernalee

In a clandestine fashion, backstabbers carry their knives behind their backs aiming at yours. Your self defense is limited when you cannot see your attacker. That is why the “back” is the perfect area to launch an attack; figuratively and literally!

Backstabbers use clever, cowardly, and sneaky maneuvers! Since there is no frontal view of the weaponry, the aim is to destroy you with calculated stabs. Unfortunately, many who have fallen at the hand of backstabbers didn’t see the dagger until they were hit, because in addition to the knife, the attacker had a glowing 100 kilowatt smile from ear to ear before the tragic blow. Deception is one of their strongest suits. The vicious backstabbers will not only stab you, but they will turn the knife if given the opportunity. Of course, annihilation is their goal.

Lest not forget that the knives are not necessarily metal contraptions. The ”knives” can be figurative/emotional weapons. Regardless, the damage of the attacks and piercing of your spirit weigh in the same.

Have you ever been victimized? Don’t feel bad, you are not alone. The best of us have been deceived and fooled by those smiley faces! It is however, our responsibility to learn from our experiences so that we don’t get stabbed twice!

Self preservation is the first law of nature. Outsmarting the attacker should be our goal! We must therefore be careful of who we allow access into our space and life. Many backstabbers entered our space because we let them in; we gave them entry permission.

We can no longer afford to possess the unfounded naivety that they (the backstabbers) came from afar. They may have been people in our immediate midst that we deemed to be harmless (I.e. so-called friends or the wolf in sheep’s clothing). Regardless of where they came from or how their deception appeared, if they are found to be unworthy of our association, it is imperative that we remove them or remove ourselves...quickly! If we don’t, we will be subjected to another attack!

Old fashioned it may be, but the best advice still stands - Watch your back! Photo credit:

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Feb 22, 2023


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