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By Vernalee

There is often calmness before a storm - in weather and in life! Can we prepare? Sometimes we have warnings; sometimes not! We realize that just like calmness exists before the thunder, lighting, and high winds … that we may sometimes experience complete serenity before raindrops fall in our lives. Thank God for the light of tomorrow, for letting the storms blow over, for second chances, for our elders and our discerning acceptance of their valuable wisdom, and for our getting out before it's too late. Thank God that we can come out of the storm; that we can pray and ask for forgiveness. As we learn to weather the storms, we realize that it is not wise to take people for granted. We should always remain grateful and thankful. With any storm, there may be damage. Thus, staying prayerful for safety and blessings is always stylish. When the storm is over, as the old folks would say, “Peace be still” are refreshing words to hear.

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14 nov. 2021


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