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By Vernalee

Are you a person who "gets up with the chickens?" Translated - Are you an early riser; an early bird?

The early bird catches the worm means that in order to seize certain opportunities, arriving first or early can result in a higher chance of success. Get up, move out, and start your day! Don’t hug the sheets any longer; let that pillow go! Wake up early, mobilize early, and you will accomplish more. Simple math, right? Do what has to be done early on! Don’t let laziness rob you of accomplishments. Please don’t cheat and subtract hours from the back side! Is that motivational enough? Now then ... Are you “up and at them?” Act early or right now to be successful. Develop an action plan for your daily tasks. The earlier you start, the more you can accomplish. Time waits on no one! Do what has to be done and then rest! Truly, the early bird catches the worm, the promotions, and the profits!

Now “get up offa that thang!” Photo credit:

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Aug 08, 2023


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