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By Vernalee

Called Wicked, The Wizard of Oz was revived on Broadway. This 1939 MGM movie is a timeless classic and entertaining as it can be watched over and over again without boredom. Though the Wicked Witch of the West is a fictional character, A colleague recently reported a sighting of a Workplace Witch on her job site. For those who work from home, she’s also seen virtually. Anyway, her trademark is that she terrorizes employees with her tactics. Included in her daily antics and mannerism are emotional shouting matches, degrading insults and the like. The staff routinely gets a break because the Workplace Witch regularly travels to exotic lands while attending expensive seminars. Though broomstick travel would be cheaper and environmentally friendly, she uses Delta Airlines instead. Her broomstick is packed in her Louis Vuitton luggage that she conspicuously parks at the Ritz Carlton. Her behavior is wildly bizarre and outrageous, but no one "checks" her; perhaps because she is in the executive suite. With such outrageous conduct, for certain she is not a role model for her peers or subordinates! I forgot to mention that there are a few warlocks that she socializes with as well. Wickedness is equally dispersed by both genders. Raise your hand if you have worked with a person who is so terrible that you deliberately stay out of their path! Incredible, isn't it? It's time for the staff to be rescued. They should call Dorothy and her crew from Oz. Agreed? Hopefully, the Scarecrow tags along! Throwing water may do the trick for this Workplace Witch as it did for Dorothy! If the witch melts and fades away, perhaps the staff will joyously and triumphantly sing as did the Munchkins, "Ding Dong, The Witch is gone!" At least that will stop the Workplace Witch from casting another tyrant spell of unbecoming antics and reappearing somewhere "Over the Rainbow!"

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