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By Vernalee

It’s quite simple. If you think before you open your mouth, it’s a sign of maturIty. Let’s check out the acronyms.

T – TRUE. “Is what you are saying actually true, or is it ‘fake news’? Lies and misinformation hurt others.

H – HELPFUL. Are your words helpful? Assisting others to make better decisions through offering good advice is also important.

I – INSPIRING . Are others inspired by what you are saying? People are greatly inspired by words which have the influence to prompt others to do amazing things.

N – NECESSARY. Do your words really need to be said? Useless chatter is annoying, while language that actively hurts others is wholly unnecessary.

K – KIND. Is what you want to say kind? We all know the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all”. Unkind sentences obviously have the power to hurt people.” THINK!

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02 sept. 2022


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