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By Vernalee

Today, I humbly say, "Thank you Lord!" Thank you for life. Thank you for my wonderful family and all of my loved ones. Thank you for a loving/caring son and daughter who daily roll out the red carpet for me. Thank you for those few select ones who are so special that I am thankful that you allow their families to share them with me! Thank you for good health. Thank you for supplying my every need. Thank you for showing me how to love, receive love, and have people in my life that I love who love me back. Thank you for watching over and keeping me, my children, my grands, and my entire crew. My "Thank You's" are encyclopedic long. There simply isn't enough space. That's why with every breathe I take I remain humble, grateful, and prayerfully thankful that your arms surround, protect, lead, and guide me. I know Heavenly Father that because of your love, mercy, and grace, I am too blessed to be stressed! Amen!

Happy Sunday. Be blessed!

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